A Treatise on Conduct & Expectations

From its humble beginnings in the halls of Mogu’shan Vaults, through the defeat of N’Zoth in Ny’alotha, the Salad Senate has forged itself as one of the most stable and successful raid teams on Aerie Peak-US. As we look to the future, this document serves as our guide for current and future members on what to expect for this team as we make our way through all the fun and adventure that awaits us in Shadowlands.

General Conduct
& Raid Etiquette

Though we revel in… let’s say the unusual nature of our group dynamic, we are all fundamentally kind and inclusive people. More specifically, we are inclusive people who fiercely look after our own. Racist, sexist, homophobic, predatory, or otherwise hateful or mean-spirited conduct is not welcome in the Salad Senate. This doesn’t mean that we can’t or won’t make ridiculous, off-color remarks or tell the dumbest jokes imaginable, but we will always endeavor to flail around without hitting each other in the process. Bad behavior will result in the offender being warned privately first, then benched for the remainder of the raid if the behavior continues. Repeated toxic behavior will lead to dismissal from the team. More grievous offences will result in immediate removal from the team.

In an effort to keep raids moving at a swift pace and for the general enjoyment of all Salad Senators, we ask that the following general guidelines be met. Failure to adhere to these common etiquette rules will result in progressively adverse administrative actions.

  1. During active raiding times, Discord needs to be kept open for the raid leader and other leaders, unless it is the designated Break Time.
  2. Do not call out mechanics unless you have been asked to by the raid leader or other leaders.
  3. Breaks are to only be taken during the designated Break Time. However, in the event of an emergency situation, immediately contact Copperbolt to let her know you need to step away.
  4. While general levels of inebriation, altered states, or otherwise, are not necessarily discouraged, excessive levels of self-indulgence will result in being benched for the night.
  5. If you have any issues regarding the conduct of the raid, other raiders, or general concerns, please bring them directly to a member of the Leadership. Please do not raise these issues in raid chat or in Discord as it is counterproductive and generally inappropriate.

For reference, the Salad Senate Leadership is:
Copperbolt – Raid Organizer
Berrien – Raid Leader

Loot Rules

The Salad Senate conducts raids using the personal loot system. With this, we spend less time divvying up the spoils of war, and instead wage more of it. Personal loot in a raid is tradeable, raiders who have duplicative drops may choose to allow other members on the team a chance to roll for the duplicate piece. Keep in mind, this is not mandatory and ultimately it is up to each raider to choose how they feel their actions will best benefit the team.

Attendance Rules

For overall attendance, there is not a required number of raids to attend in a specific length of time, however, if a raider cannot make the Salad Senate raid times on a consistent and timely basis, the Leadership will discuss the matter with that individual to determine whether or not this team is the right fit. In the event that a raider will be late, need to leave early, or be absent, notice must be provided to the Leadership prior to the time of the raid. Late arrivals, early departures, and unexplained absences will result in a discussion with the Leadership and possible benching or dismissal from the team. In addition, being on time for the raid means you are physically present, character-wise, at the raid instance at 7:00pm server time (PST). This does not mean you are in Dalaran, the auction house, or that “pleasure palace” down the alley in need of a summons after you finish. You must be at the instance, on time, stocked up on consumables, repaired, and enchanted. We ask that every member of the Salad Senate make a commitment to be prepared to raid in order to best achieve our highest goals.


While a seemingly simple concept, it is perhaps the most important, as research provides the knowledge that is crucial to the success of every raid. Being a member of the Salad Senate raid team means you are expected to be up to date on your class, boss strategies, necessary raid consumables, and all else that will help make the team successful come raid night. Every member is expected to arrive each night ready to go, and should you need help with resources, this is a team full of them so don’t be afraid to reach out. Make no mistake, while we are a fun-loving team, failure to demonstrate a working knowledge of your class/spec and the current progression fights will get noticed and without improvement, will be grounds for benching. We are all responsible for the success or failure of this team.


While the road behind us has been long, the best days for the finest team in this or any other guild, are yet to come. The Salad Senate has endured and triumphed over all obstacles that have presented themselves and continues to thrive as we look towards the coming of the Shadowlands. To all the current members, thank you for your continued dedication to this amazing team, and to all new and prospective members, welcome.